Latin American Network for the Defense of Freedom of Expression

  • President of Ecuador Suggests Doing Away with Print Media

    Fundación LED (Libertad de Expresión + Democracia) has expressed its concern about the statements made by the President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, who announced he would suggest calling a referendum to do away with print newspapers so as to “stop the indiscriminate felling of trees.” Environmental protection is the excuse used in this new attempt […]

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  • Journalist´s Sentence of Imprisonment Upheld in Ecuador

    Fundación LED (Libertad de Expresión + Democracia) has once again voiced its concern in connection with Fernando Villavicencio, the author of the book Ecuador Made in China, after Ecuador´s National Court of Justice denied the appeal for reversal of the decision sentencing Villavicencio to 18 month imprisonment in April this year on slander charges against […]

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  • Ecuador´s Restrictive Media Law

    Fundación LED (Libertad de Expresión + Democracia) has expressed its deep concern about how freedom of expression is deteriorating in the Republic of Ecuador after a law restricting the exercise of such right in that country. Among other conflicting issues, the law adopted by Ecuador´s National Assembly allows the authorities to regulate content and control […]

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