Request Submitted by LED Foundation to the Chief of Cabinet Ministry

On June 21, the LED Foundation submitted a request to the Chief of Cabinet Ministry for the inclusion of a spot in the program Fútbol para Todos (Football For All) with the same duration as another spot about the Argentine Supreme Court ruling of May 22, in connection with Section 161 of Law 26,522, which questioned the truthfulness of the statements made by leaders of the Opposition with respect to such law.

The spot in question was broadcasted on May 25, 26, 27, 28 and 29.

The presentation by the LED Foundation states that the advertisement broadcasted during the program Fútbol para Todos “is a blatant discrimination of the political leaders involved…  conveying a distorted idea of reality on the ocassional viewer.”

On the other hand, the effect has been “…the impairment of the balance between the different political opinions in the country, establishing a connection between different political leaders and the idea of an alleged lie… The party in office may certainly express its ideas, but this should be in no way subsidized by the State, and less still should statements be run down when made by political leaders who do not see eye to eye with the official statements or ‘discourse.’ Typically, it is authoritarian governments and dictatorships that expect citizens to make involuntary and forced contributions to the campaigns of the political party in office…”

In its presentation, the LED Foundation requested that “the State make resources available to produce a spot with the same duration as the other spot which was broadcasted …to be aired during Premier League matches and First Division Promotion matches…”

Finally it states that “…recognizing that the political leaders mentioned in the spot during the government’s report aired in the program Futbol para Todos are entitled to a spot with the same duration and production is a positive step which the State must take, thus fostering the inclusion of different views, other than those of the Administration, in public exchanges.”